Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Azena date corrected

Just got word back from Beatles author and researcher par excellence Mark Lewisohn regarding the Azena Ballroom gig in Sheffield. It appears that:
A) The Azena Ballroom gig didn't take place on the previously assumed date, it was in fact April 2nd.
B) That means that the poster (colourized version above) is a fake, which explains the use of the "dropped T" logo.
C) The set list is in Paul McCartney's handwriting, not Lennons. This still means that Lennon may have been the one who chucked it away
D) Lewisohn is puzzled by the absence of "Thank You Girl" and "Twist And Shout" on the set list.


jpgr100 said...

Can I get contact info for the owners of the set list (email, Phone), I have some questions.

Wogew said...

No, sorry - I only have contact with someone who once got a photo copy of the set list, more than twenty years ago.