Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Wings Over Norway

Items related to the first solo Beatle concert in Norway, when Wings played Njårdhallen in Oslo, Wednesday August 9th, 1972.
The first ad in a newspaper, complete with spelling mistakes.

The ticket, notice "The" Wings

© 1972 Espen Bratlie
Two photos by Espen Bratlie
© 1972 Åsmund Tynning
This photo was taken by Åsmund Tynning earlier in the concert, before Paul's jacket came off. Åsmund is guest at this year's Beatles Festival here in Norway, and will display many colour and black and white photos from the concert. He also shot some silent colour movie footage during the gig, which will be shown at the festival.

Rune Holtet was able to shoot some 8mm footage of the Wings bus arriving at the gig.

Link to the Beatles Festival


Egil said...

Veldig kul blog dette da! I følge en kommentar til det youtube klippet så sies det at..: "yes to the 72 question... Because in the McCartney Special (1986) documentary both performances of "Hi Hi Hi" and "Wild Life" are shown from this concert. I always thought that was early 1973, but I guess it is 1972 since they were still singing Wild Life tunes."

Har du du sjekket ut The Paul Mccartney Special ( for å verifisere om det stemmer?

Hadde vært kult å sett klipp fra den konserten i Njårdhallen!

Egil said...

Kan det være disse klippene?

Hi, Hi, Hi:

Wild Life:

Wogew said...

Jeg har sett klippene fra The Paul McCartney Special. Tror de er fra en 1973-konsert i uk, der både Wild Life og Hi Hi Hi ble spilt. Filmklipp fra Njårdhallen vil bli vist på Beatlesfestivalen på Beitostølen 17-19. Oktober!