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Saturday, 22 November 2008

All You Need Is Love - Acetate

Interesting item out on ebay at the moment:

Beatles All You Need is Love original Acetate

Beatles All You Need is Love AcetateThe Beatles A single-sided acetate All You Need is Love, Emidisc white label inscribed in black ball point pen THE BEATLS 45 MD and the length of the recording 6.39. This is the only known acetate of the full-length recording of this famous 1967 Beatles single, which originally ran for 6 minutes 39 seconds (in comparison with the 3 minutes 40 seconds of the release version). This predominantly instrumental take was recorded on the 14 June 1967 at Olympic Studios in Barnes. It features John Lennon on Harpsichord, Paul McCartney on double bass, Ringo Starr on drums and George Harrison on rudimentary violin. John Lennon adds occasional vocals 'all you need is love' as a guide to where the chorus of the song will be. The end of the song becomes a freeform/chaotic structure reminiscent of other 1967 work – in- progress songs such as Only a Northern Song andYou Know My Name (Look Up The Number), with little of the melodic commerciality of the finished record. This acetate documented the state of the recording at the end of the 14th June session, before vocals and more conventional backing were added at their next session on 19th June. All You Need Is Love was subsequently used as Britain's contribution to the first worldwide TV broadcast Our World, on 25th June, 1967.

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sailor sam said...

Here's hoping that this gets out somehow.Would love to hear this version.