Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Fireman: Electric Arguments

Electric Arguments

Paul McCartney & Youth continue their collaborations as the duo "The Fireman" with their most commercial product yet. You may listen to the whole album over at NPR.
Track listing : Electric Arguments

1. Nothing To Much Just Out Of Sight
2. Two Magpies
3. Sing The Changes
4. Travelling Light
5. Highway
6. Light From Your Light House
7. Sun Is Shining
8. Dance' Til We're High
9. Life Long Passion
10. Is This Love ?
11. Lovers In A Dream
12. Universal Here ,Everlasting Now
13 .Don't Stop Running

Produced By Paul McCartney & Youth
All Tracks written By Paul McCartney
Release Date 24 /11 /2008

On Amazon (UK): A limited edition vinyl album, which also includes a copy of the CD for convenience sake.
Here's the Amazon (US) link.

As ever when there's a new Paul McCartney album out, there are collectible promotional items out. There's not likely to be any commercial single release, but at least two radio promo singles are out. Here's "Sing The Changes":

Here's a promo copy of the album and two promo singles:

I'm sure you know where to look!

Official Fireman site


Lil ol' me... said...

Hello...I just got the vinyl edition of 'electric arguments' on vinyl...can you tell me where the 'numbering' is...the sticker on the LP said the LP is specially numbered; I assume, like the White Album. Thing is, I've looked all over the LP and I can't find any numbers that would indicate individuality; the only numbers I see are the catalog numbers, on the label, sleeve, and in the dead you know anything about this? If so, my e-mail address is

Unknown said...

THE FIREMAN – Strawberry Oceans Ships Forest (1994)
THE FIREMAN – Rushes (1998)
THE FIREMAN – Electric Arguments (2008)