Monday, 5 January 2009

Download all the Beatles songs!

Available from today and for four weeks, all Beatles songs, chronologically. Here represented by the first two songs, Love Me Do/P.S. I Love You (the norwegian single cover)

One thing that "the Beatles community" has been waiting for, and which has also been written a lot about in the general media has been the availability of the Beatles songs as downloads. The popular press are always referring to stuff like this as "iTunes downloads" and "availabe to play on your iPod". As if iTunes is the only place to legally download music and as if iPods are the only mp3-players in the world! But we know better. We're not stupid. And we know that there has to be money changing hands in order to persuade the journalists to always mention brand specific solutions. But enough ranting.
As from today, all Beatles songs are legally available as free downloads from now on and for four weeks. No, it's not the remastered editions. These are the versions we all know and love. And there's a catch: You'll have to endure listening to the story behind each song before you get the song itself. In norwegian. I'm not kidding, NRK, the norwegian broadcasting corporation produced a radio series back in 2007 where they played a Beatles song each day, telling the origin of each and every song, one song every day, in chronological order. These radio programmes have been available before as podcasts, but without the actual songs. NRK will be making the podcasts available again from today, but now including the Beatles songs. They started with the Please Please Me album earlier today. The rest of the albums will be added in the upcoming days.
Here's the rss feed for your favourite rss reader: "Vår Daglige Beatles"

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