Friday, 23 January 2009

Odds & Sods 3

Odds & Sods...But Upgrades! Vol. 3
Hot on the heels of Odds & Sods 2, HIWAX has been busy preparing another volume in this series. Here's the contents of Vol 3:
THE BEATLES - Odds and Sods but Upgrades vol.3
DVD NTSC 50min.

01.1964/08/23 - Hollywood Bowl Twist And Shout original 16mm film (CVS)
02.1964/08/23 - Hollywood Bowl A Hard Day's Night original 16mm film (CVS)
03.1964/02/23 - Big Night Out I Wanna Be Your Man
04.1966/07/01 - Tokyo, Budokan If I Needed Someone (original 16mm film digital tele-cine)
05.Yer Blues take 2 (alternate)
06.1966/06/24 - Munich (colour Police film upgrade)
08.1963/11/04 - Royal Variety Performance She Loves You (TCE)
09.1965/08/17 - Toronto
10.1965/08/31 - San Francisco
11.1970/01/30 - Rooftop Get Back (last)
12.We Can Work It Out PV (4 versions split screen)
13.1967 Our World All Your Need Is Love (rare video version)
14.1965/08/15 - Shea Stadium Dizzy Miss Lizzy (stereo)
15.There's A Place
TCE = Time code erased
HIWAX is a non-profit label who distribute their DVD's free on the internet for Beatles scholars and researchers.
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THE BEATLES : Compulsory Video Stabilization (HIWAX)

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