Sunday, 12 April 2009

More remaster rumours

Word about stuff compiled for the audio part of some of the mini-documentaries on the 09/09/09 remasters:
Sgt Pepper: Outtakes and studio chat excerpts from sessions, includes a 10 minute remix/remaster of "Carnival Of Light".
Revolver: an unreleased instrumental rehearsal of "Dr Robert" and an acoustic guitar take of George's "Love You To" along with studio talk from sessions.
Magical Mystery Tour: will be the dullest documentary audio-wise, just "highlights" from mostly mellotron instrumental jams from the sessions. Fortunately, Apple has a lot of film outtakes from the TV-movie.
Other info: 5.1 mixes of the remasters of all the albums are being held over till 2012 for the 50th anniversary, so it can be determined if the Blu-ray discs will become the industry standard for surround sound audio releases.
These are tantalizing "leaks", especially if "Carnival of Lights" make it all the way through to the finished product. At least now we know it's part of the package in the planning stages, and for Beatles aficionados, the inclusion of this piece of sound will make the new remasters a must-have. I promise you: there will be a steady stream of rumours coming our way right up to the release date. At some point I'm sure Apple will be sending out promo samplers, and maybe some compilation of stuff from the mini-documentaries on their official YouTube channel and MySpace profile.

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