Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Magazine Alert: Beatles Nytt 161

The swedish magazine Beatles Nytt has a new issue out. No. 161 follows hot on the heels of the delayed no. 160, and is almost exclusively devoted to the Beatles Remasters and The Beatles:RockBand, apart from a few reviews (Klaus Voorman & Friends:A Sideman's Journey DeLuxe Edition & Yusuf Islam [with Paul McCartney & Dolly Parton] Boots & Sand 7" vinyl single) and a look at the Beatles articles from a few recent magazines. Robert Gille gives the Beatles Remasters a great deal of praise, and details both photo quality, paper quality and gives us a breakdown of differences in timing between the Mono and Stereo versions of the Remasters. For instance, the Help! album is 35 seconds shorter in stereo than in mono, and the 1965 stereo version which has been included on the mono Help CD is 32 seconds longer than the one in the stereo box. After his review he has included a postscript about the sound quality of the Beatles:RockBand remixes and confesses that these are even better than the remasters.
Torbjörn Jackson reviews The Beatles:RockBand and is more into the gameplay than the sound quality.
All in all 36 pages and written entirely in swedish, which of course will also be understood by danes and norwegians.
The back cover is the same photo that was used on the front covers of Norwegian Wood no. 118 AND the recent British Beatles Fanclub Magazine, so we've all been thinking alike.

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Robert said...

Hi everyone who read this Swedish BeatlesNytt magazine - I made a mistake while measuring the mono titles, they are 3 seconds shorter (on the albums #1 to 9) than noted in the mag, I'm so sorry about that. This is because my cd player counts down between the songs so I got a bit fooled by that. Bengt Wärmlind noticed and emailed me, many thanks!
Also thanks to Roger for this great blog. Robert Gille.