Thursday, 12 November 2009

Thanksgiving Special

ABC: Forty-four years ago, four kids from Liverpool performed what was then the largest, highest grossing rock concert ever -- the Beatles Live at Shea Stadium. The 1965 concert was an unparalleled event -- until Sir Paul McCartney performed again at almost the exact same spot in the summer of 2009.
In July, McCartney performed at Citi Field, in Queens, N.Y., the new home of the New York Mets, built next to Shea Stadium, recreating history he helped make a generation ago.
ABC will bring viewers to McCartney's celebrated concert, when the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer performed both Beatles classics and favorites from his solo career.
The McCartney special will also feature footage from the original 1965 Beatles concert at Shea, and an interview with Sir Paul, who talks candidly about his emotional journey -- from the early days in the Beatles to what it means to return and perform 45 years ago where the group made its mark at the height of Beatlemania.
ABC's special television event begins on Thanksgiving night, Nov. 26, at 10 p.m. ET
More about The Beatles at Shea Stadium here.


shea NOW! said...

WHEN will we see the complete 1965 video in all it's glory??? It looks unbelievably great on the Anthology DVD and was restored in full in 1993!
Many who were there are already pensioners - WHAT APPLE IS WAITING FOR???? In 10 years nobody will care, so get those DVDS, Blu-rays in the shops NOW!!!!!!!

Wogew said...

And, sadly, some of those people who waited has since died.