Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The John Lennon Interactive CD-Rom

In 1995, it may have looked like the invention of the CD-ROM would give us a new way to interact with our favourite artists. Hot on the heels of Bob Dylan's release of "Highway 61 Interactive", Yoko Ono made arrangements to release an interactive CD-ROM featuring John Lennon.
Yoko Ono wanted to bring an interactive Lennon/Beatles-experience to the starving Beatles-fans/computer-users.
According to the hype, there were several "rooms" to explore, including:

* the Beatles-room
* the John & Yoko-room
* and more...

A promotional clip for the CD-ROM was made, and it was distributed with several "free with this magazine" type CD-ROM's. As far as we know, the John Lennon Interactive CD-ROM never made it to the production stage before the idea was dropped, but here's the promotional clip for it.

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