Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ringo's promotional schedule

Ringo Starr has a busy schedule in the USA in the near future, promoting his new album, "Y Not". The album has gotten some great reviews so far, and this time around, not only has Ringo co-produced the album himself, he's also appearing on keyboards! From what WogBlog has heard of it, it's a far better album than his last studio effort, "Liverpool 8", produced by Dave Stewart. The duet with Paul McCartney has that infectious "hook" and the rest of the album has a more updated sound than we've come to expect from the old Beatle.
It's a shame that he has stopped giving concert tours outside of North America, we would wish for Ringo and his band to give the European summer rock festivals circuit a go. Here are the upcoming TV appearances currently scheduled for Ringo (and the content list for an upcoming Fab Productions DVD, no doubt!):

  • Jan 12 The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon

  • Jan 13 The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

  • Jan 18 The Jay Leno Show

  • Jan 19 Grammy Music Series

  • Jan 20 Rockline Radio

  • Jan 21 Larry King Live (broadcast date either 21 or 22)

  • Feb 5 The Tonight Show with Conan O Brien

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