Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ringo: Y Not in the UK

Ringo Starr
Amazon in the UK has a release date of February 15th for the vinyl LP edition of Ringo's new studio album, "Y Not". The vinyl album was due to be released on January 19th in the USA, but didn't materialize until February 1st and my copy is now in the mail. The CD edition of Y Not had a release date of February 1st in the UK, and Amazon are promoting the release with two video clips of Ringo, discussing two tracks from the album, "Peace Dream" and "Walk With Me". The videos also show Ringo laying down (or miming to?) the vocals in the studio.
Meanwhile in the UK, the Daily Mail had a feature yesterday about Ringo, under the headline: "Why I've turned to God at 70, by reformed Ringo Starr... that's 44 years after Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus". It may not stir up the same kind of trouble as John Lennon's famous remarks, but nonetheless it has managed to rake up more than a hundred reader's commentaries so far.

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