Thursday, 4 March 2010

Auction News: Gotta Have Rock'n'Roll

These are some nice photos from the ongoing auction over at "Gotta Have Rock'n'Roll" at the moment. These were taken at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada on August 17, 1965. In all, there are ten similar ones from the same occasion, previously unpublished photos for sale at a starting bid of $100 each.

John Lennon's original handwritten lyrics for the song "Rock'n'Roll People" (originally recorded by Johnny Winters) is up for grabs, at a starting bid of $10.000! More of a curiosity is the handwritten lyrics for "John Sinclair", as transcribed by Sinclair himself, the bidding of that item started at $100 and is currently at $275.

What intrigued us the most was Lot #77: George Harrison Original Jam Session Tape. George Harrison can be heard jamming with his friends in India circa 1994. A one-of-a-kind tape with George doing a number of songs, approximately 45 minutes in length, very good quality.
Estimate: $1100-$1300. No bids on it yet. Misterclaudel, where are you? The auction ends in 6 days.
Get on over there and take a look for yourselves!


StephaneHomemade said...

....what I don't understand is that I bought 4 of the 10 same photos from Toronto 2 years ago in a Montreal convention for maybe something like 20$... not photocopies...I choose the ones where John fool around :)

Wogew said...

No wonder bidding is slow on these items, then! :-D

angel said...

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