Friday, 14 May 2010

Odds and Sods Extra

There's an extra volume of the acclaimed Odds and Sods series out. It contains the following:
02.1962/08/22 at the Cavern Club, Liverpool - Multi Angle, Comparison of the three versions
03.0963/04/04 at the BBC Radio Paris Studio, London - Color 8mm Film
04.1963/08/27 at the little theatre, Southport - Upgrade
05.1963/10/27 at the Cirkus Lorensbergsparken, Göteborg - Upgrade
06.1963/11/20 at the ABC Cinema, Manchester - Multi Angle
07.1963/12/07 at the Empire Theatre, Liverpool - "It's The Beatles", Upgrade
08.1963/12/14 at the Palais, Wimbledon - Upgrade
09.1964/02/11 at the Washington D.C. Coliseum - Multi Angle
10.1964/02/11 at the Washington D.C. Coliseum - "Digital Tele-Cine", Restored
11.1964/08/23 at the Hollywood Bowl - Multi Angle
12.1964 U.S. Tour - Roll Over Beethoven-Can't Buy Me Love-If I Fell
13.1964/10/14 "Scene at 6.30."
14.1964/10/20 at the Caird Hall, Dundee
15.1965/06/20 at the Palais des Sports, Paris - Upgrade
16.1965/08/29 at the Hollywood Bowl - Color 8mm Film, Digital Tele-Cine
17.1965/12/10 at the Hammersmith Odeon, London - B&W 8mm Film
18.1966/08/28 at the Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles - Color 8mm Film, CVS
19. PV "Love Me Do" - Multi Angle
20. PV "Ticket To Ride" - Upgrade
21. PV "A Day In The Life" - Upgrade
22. PV "Something" - Upgrade

Here's a YouTube-version of item 11:


Vítor Franke said...

Wow! Can u tell me where i can download this, please?
Thanks and congratulations for the blog.

S said...

please tell us where to download this jewel

Tmangia said...

any chances to upload this item to HC or demonoid?


Urchinn said...

Yeah, I still haven't figured out where to grab the Unsurpassed Broadcasts stuff!!! Demonoid is a great place for uploading!