Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Paris '65 from HIWAX

Currently making the rounds on the internet is the newly discovered master tape from the Beatles concert at the Palais des Sports, Paris France on June 20th, 1965 we mentioned in an earlier post. Transferred from SECAM to NTSC and presented as is, from HIWAX. There's also a "cleaned up" version presented on the more thorough 5 disc (3 CD's and 2 DVD's) compilation by misterclaudel "Salut Les Copains! Palais Des Sports, Paris, France 20th June 1965 afternoon and evening shows & more" (mccd 158-162).

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Talanca said...

This DVD includes the show as it was edited by the French TV.
Not my cup of tea.
Save your time, and look for the Masterclaudel edition.