Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Beatles foreign movie posters

I'm actually always hesitant of using the word "foreign" on the internet, because the internet is an international place, beyond country boundaries, but I needed a catchy title for this post, so there you go. It had been a while since I browsed the Allposters site, so I took a look this morning. They've got posters from the Beatles' films "A Hard Day's Night", "Help!", "Yellow Submarine" and "Let It Be", both from the USA and other countries, so I chose to highlight some of those from various countries, starting with "A Hard Day's Night" from France.
Next up is the french/dutch Yellow Submarine
It has been pointed out to me that this is an italian poster, and Allposter tells us that this is an authentic original movie poster, not a reprint or reproduction. Original movie posters are printed in limited quantities and are intended for display in movie theaters. While these posters may show some signs of wear, they are considered collectable and generally hold or increase their value over time.
And finally, "Let It Be" from Argentina.
You should also browse their general Beatles section, there are some nice photos there. Here are the lads posing around a statue on the balcony of Hotel George V in Paris. Another one from that session was used as the front picture for the norwegian pressing of the "A Hard Day's Night" single. This is one of several french Beatles photos on the Allposters site.


West Norwood Cassette Library said...

"I'm actually always hesitant of using the word "foreign" on the internet..."

This from the man who calls his site WOGBLOG!!! A little late to be showing your sensitive side innit? Hehehe...

Sergio Taraddei said...

The Help poster is not spanish but italian ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Beatles in aiuto", from Help! poster, is italian language.

Sorry for my bad english. Thank you very much.

Wogew said...

I can assure you, the hesitation is not of discriminatory nature, it's just that everyone and no one is from a foreign country in cyberspace. And I am but one of several "wogblogs" around...would you believe?