Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Two new McCartney albums planned

In an interview with Paul McCartney in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine, the legend reveals that he has two brand new albums up his sleeve. In April, McCartney started recording an album in L.A. devoted to covers of pop standards from the pre-rock years. "It's my dad's style of music," he says. "I've wanted to do that kind of thing forever, since the Beatles days, but then Rod [Stewart] went mad on it. I thought, 'I have to wait so it doesn't look like I'm trying to do a Rod'."
As we Beatles fans have known for years, Paul McCartney is a musician who is influenced by many styles of music, and the influence of "old standards" has flavoured some of his own compositions, like "When I'm Sixty-Four", "Honey Pie" or "You Gave Me The Answer".
Working with an orchestra in Capitol Studios, McCartney recorded almost a dozen tracks, including a handful with Diana Krall and her band. But he's keeping the titles under wraps for now: "They're just songs I admire," he says. "I'm trying to steer away from the obvious ones." McCartney also cut several of his own new songs in a similar vein - even singing into a microphone used by Nat "King" Cole. "It's get-home-from-work music," he says of the LP, tentatively scheduled for release early next year, following additional sessions in London.

"You put this record on and get a glass of wine."

McCartney is also writing material for what he calls a "heavier rock" album. He has yet to pick a producer, but he says a recent conversation with Dave Grohl about how he recorded Foo Fighters' latest LP in his garage lit a fire. "It sounds quite wacky, but it keeps it fresh," McCartney says. "I love that - you get a crazy idea and go with it. You never know - I may run into a garage to make this other album."

He adds with a laugh, "But it won't be in Dave's garage".

Paul McCartney is also planning more concerts in North America this year — a Las Vegas show on June 10th has been announced, and he says other shows are being finalized.

The edition of Rolling Stone Magazine with the interview will hit the stands on May 26th. The illustration above depicts a 2010 Brazilian edition of Rolling Stone and is not the new US issue with the interview we have quoted.

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