Friday, 30 December 2011

"Home" finds a home

One of the things Beatles fans indulge in, is trying to imagine what an early Beatles concert would be like. Oh, to have a properly equipped DeLorean! Little exists in the way of recorded material from the years 1957-1960, but thanks to the research of Beatles historians like Mark Lewisohn we have a list of songs they performed. Old set lists unearthed and the memories of early fans have been jogged to establish a body of songs that graced the early shows. But who was the lead vocalist on which song? One such song is now finally finding it's Beatles home on Paul McCartney's upcoming "Kisses on the bottom" album. Historically, "Home (When Shadows Fall)" was part of the Quarrymen/Beatles set lists from 1957-1960. No recording of the fabs performing said song exists, but now that Paul McCartney has recorded it, it seems likely that he was the one resposible for it's inclusion on stage back then. That much we might have guessed.

"Home (When Shadows Fall)" was composed around about 1931 by Peter Van Steeden, Harry Clarkson and Jeff Clarkson. The McCartney household may have had a recording of it, or even more likely, sheet music. Paul's father James used to play songs on the family piano, and this song seems right up his alley.

The culprit of the recent leaks, this advance copy of McCartney's album has a different song order than the one previously published. Which explains the segue between "Only Our Hearts" and "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter"

Paul McCartney's valentine's day album "Kisses on the bottom" was recently leaked in the form of an audio stream played by several internet radio stations. Fan reactions to the album have been mixed, and the subtle use of autotune commented on. The most ridiculous reactions have been of ignorants speculating that McCartney has run out of songs of his own. As we know, McCartney has recorded not one but two albums, one with cover versions and one regular album. The other album, due out in the future, is full of new McCartney compositions, no doubt. And even the cover album has got two new McCartney compositions.


Lizzie Bravo said...

hi roger! i heard the album 3 times on the radio stream and i really like it! happy new year!

Roger Stormo said...

Happy New Year to you too, Lizzie! :-)

James19 said...

he doesnt that write that good of songs anymore which is correct..but he still writes soo many songs....there are like 5 unreleased songs we wrote and recorded last year alone

Since 1963 said...

I am looking forward to receiving the CD.