Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Ram update

About the delayed RAM deluxe remaster book and CD's: word is 80% of the book is ready, but only 20% of the audio and the video discs have been finalised. Meanwhile you can visit Paul McCartney's HP revamped cloud-based website, both the Ram videos are viewable there, "Heart of The Country" and "3 Legs". But you need to find your way around there to discover them.

While on the subject of Paul McCartney, his next studio album will be entitled "My Valentine" and is expected to be released on Feb 6th 2012. It will be an album of old standards, along with his own compositions in the same style. "You Gave Me The Answer", "When I'm Sixty-four" and "Honey Pie" comes to mind. "My Valentine" is also the title of the composition he serenaded his wife with at their wedding recetion.

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