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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Magical Mystery Tour back on DVD?

Paul McCartney has recently been interviewed for an Arena special about Magical Mystery Tour, due to be screened around October 2012.
Apparently, they are making a documentary on the film, and apart from Paul and Ringo, only three people who went on the coach are still alive, and being interviewed for the special as well.
It would surprise me if this isn't a tie-in with the long-awaited re-release of the "Magical Mystery Tour" on DVD (and hopefully Blu-ray) for it's 45th anniversary in December. Unlike what is the sad case with "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help!", Apple sits on loads of unused footage from the film, so there should be a lot of bonus material available.
Along with those other two films, "Magical Mystery Tour" was released on DVD when the format was still new, but only in USA and it has not been re-released since, at least not in an official sense. You may come across pirate versions of the DVD however, also in regular shops.
The wait for a new edition of Magical Mystery Tour has been a long one, meanwhile fans of the film have been busy making their own versions.  A 90 minutes "Magical Mystery Tour Memories" DVD about the coach trip and the making of MMT was independently released in 2008.


Lance T. Osborne said...

So there are no outtakes, etc. from AHDN or Help! in the archives? I hadn't heard that before. I just guessed Apple was saving it all for a "super deluxe" edition to be released years from now.

wogew said...

Nothing. Everything cut from those films was destroyed. You'll remember that they featured a deleted scene in the bonus material on "Help!", but they had to illustrate it with still photos that were shot at the same time as the scene was filmed. And as for AHDN, only news footage shot by TV companies in and around the filming exists. But there are acres of unused footage for "MMT" and "Let It Be".

Bodhi said...

There are four people left alive that were on MMT coach, as far as I am aware, as I am one of them! I was interviewed along with one of the other original coach members for the Area documentary being shown on BBC in October. I would love to see more of this unseen footage that Apple is hoarding though!!

wogew said...

Alexis Mardas, "little" Nicola and Mike McGear are all alive...