Sunday, 22 April 2012

Photo of Ram deluxe

Courtesy of (more photos there).


Brian Fried said...

Are we supposed to take from this photo that RAM won't follow the previous editions and put the discs inside the book cover like before?

Or is this the press kit edition and not the commercial release?

Because, based on the picture here, it's got prints in an envelope and a second book, neither of which was included in the official description. :-|

Roger Stormo said...

It certainly looks like value for money this time, yes.

shekespeare said...

I had some doubts because of the high price that was initially released on Amazon, $ 114 for the box, almost double what the previous cost, but seeing the picture I understand why, first of all seems to be much bigger this year and apparently brings an extra book and some inserts. And certainly I have never tasted the cds where to insert in a cardboard box as this is often scratching. When released the box set remastered Beatles they included wonderful plastic bags to prevent this, so the RAM Box Set appears will cover many expectations.