Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Abbey Road print sold

The auctioned print
The aforementioned Abbey Road outtake photo print has sold for £16,000 at the auction yesterday afternoon. The photograph was expected to sell for around £9,000, but ended up going for £7,000 more than that after frenzied bidding took place at the Bloomsbury auction house in central London. Initially bidding began at £6,000, but quickly escalated and ended up with a figure of £16,000 in less than one minute, NME reports. Snap Galleries in London were selling them for a fraction of that only last month, London Beatles tour guide Richard Porter mentioned on Facebook today. Meanwhile, a better version of the same photo has been on display at since 2009. What was all the fuzz about?


Lizzie Bravo said...

i didn't get it either, roger. we've been seeing those photos for years... nowadays it feels like the press loves the word "rare" when it comes to the beatles.

Alex Bogaevsky said...

The new owner of the photo is Kazakhstan bank:

Sorry, the text is in Russian, but you can use Google transtate to read it.