Saturday, 12 May 2012

McCartney's Mexico Concert

Paul McCartney's free concert in Mexico on May 10th was also streamed by Coca-Cola TV. Here's a YouTube post of the complete concert.

Download Quality YouTube (Unzip with WinRAR): Download as Zip-file
Or as a single link (you must wait for your browser to load the whole video and then on the File menu of your browser, click Save Page As ...) Download movie file


Dogma said...

I was there!! And it was AWESOME!!!
Would it be a dream only, whising this to become a realease on dvd or bluray, the way the red square concert was? I mean, the zocalo is as important for us mexicans as the red square to russians... More than 200 000 people at the Zocalo and god knows how many more over the internet watch the show... CHEERS

Roger Stormo said...

I think his voice on this concert was a bit exhausted, so I doubt this will be released officially.