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Friday 10 August 2012

4 Abbey Road letters fetched £7000

Four original tiles from the Abbey Road sign in London, as featured on the back cover of the album Abbey Road were for sale on the TV show "Four rooms" on Channel 4 in the UK recently.

Seller Anne lived in a flat opposite the Abbey Road sign and when she discovered that the wall with the sign on was to be demolished, she rescued what tiles she could and her father glued them back together. Anne managed to rescue just four tiles A, B, E and Y. During the show, the tiles were sold to Andrew Lamberty for £7000.
He is now in the process of getting them authenticated. If he is successful, he has plans to put them in a presentation case and hopes to sell the letters for around £ 16 000 a piece. Let me spell it out for you:

Meanwhile, here's a photo I took in 2007 behind the Roundhouse in Camden:
So I guess these street signs are soon to be looted by future ebayers ;-)

Channel 4: Four rooms

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