Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Beatles calendars for 2014

As usual this time of the year, news about the upcoming Beatles calendars for next year emerge. Most will be available for purchase, some in the near future. As usual, there's a variety to choose from. The above depicted one is from Danilo, and is branded as an "official" calendar. Here's the back, with all the monthly pictures in miniature:

This calendar is also available with a different front page, depicting an album sleeve:

Mead Products in Ohio also produces some Beatles calendars this year, here's a look:

A 16-month calendar, front

January 2014

The back, with monthly miniatures
Mead Products also has a novelty round calendar, shaped like an LP. It commemorates the Beatles First US Visit.

The calendar is housed in a "sleeve"

The back of the sleeve shows all pages

And here's what it looks like on the wall
The Dream company also has a Beatles 2014 calendar on offer:


Back, with miniatures
As usual, of all the individual Beatles, only John Lennon gets his own official 2014 calendar, by Pyramid:


Back, with miniatures

For a look at all the Beatles calendars on offer, check out the UK Astore or the US Astore.

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bx6095 said...

For January in the Danillo calendar they used the same picture as the 2005 "Early Beatles First Us Visit" calendar :-)