Friday, 27 September 2013

Ringo gets French medal

Incredibly, an old yellow submarine was on hand for a photo opportunity

On September 24, 2013 Ringo received the French Medal of Honor, being appointed a Commander of France's Order of Arts and Letters. The award was presented to him in front of the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco which showcased the work of public figures with a hidden passion for art, including musicians like Ringo Starr, and his friends Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Graham Nash and Ronnie Wood. Ringo owns an apartment in Monaco.
The show, entitled "Arternativelight", features work inspired by the fabulous world of magic and mystery of the seas and oceans and is on display from September 25 to October 13. At the opening Ringo was quoted saying, with his trademark wit: "I'm a drummer, but I can do other things. Like painting, living, breathing..."

And another thing is acting. We were recently tipped off that it looks like Ringo is returning to his acting profession again. The film "Rockland", currently in pre-production, features the drummer as himself, as well as in the role of wise men from Nepal.  Directed by Valeri Davidiouk and written by Valeri Davidiouk and Alexander Mann, the film stars Eric Roberts, Yun-Fat Chow and Ringo Starr. The plot: To save a child, and stop a lunatic Crime Lord, two friends risk all, in a deadly game of winner take all. Paul McCartney's nineties collaborator and band member Hamish Stuart has provided original music for the film, as well as appearing as a wise man in Nepal himself.
Stuart was of course also a member of one of Ringo's All Starr Bands.

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