Tuesday, 5 November 2013

New Beatles at the BBC radio special

From the BBC Media Centre:
Thursday 14 November 2013

Tonight’s programme offers a rare chance to hear the Beatles as BBC audiences would have originally encountered them.

This programme compiles extracts from Pop Go The Beatles (July 1963), Public Ear (November 1963), From Us To You (March 1964), The Alan Freeman Show (July 1964), Saturday Club (Christmas Day 1965), Where It's At (May 1967) and The Kenny Everett Show (1968) to create a revealing portrait of how British audiences would have originally heard the Beatles, the way they presented themselves and the impressions that they left.

In addition to songs recorded in BBC studios, the programme also contains interviews with the Fab Four and, in the case of the Kenny Everett programme, a visit to Abbey Road studios to eavesdrop on the making of the White Album.

Producer: Mark Hagen for the BBC

From the description, this is probably not the Kevin Howlett produced "On Air -The Beatles Live at the BBC" radio special that the author talked about in the Things We Said Today podcast the other day. That special was to feature the fabs reminiscing about their days at the BBC, mainly archival interviews, but the McCartney segments were newly taped this summer. That radio special will air in the USA on the Thanksgiving week end. We don't have a UK broadcast date for that one yet.
Meanwhile, Today is the last chance to listen to the full stream of "She Loves You" from the new album "On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 2" before they stream the next track!

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