Friday, 6 December 2013

Beatles Video Of The Day

When you are a Beatles collector, you will soon realize that there's no way you can have everything. There's the music, and somehow you can probably obtain every version of every song the Beatles have released officially. But you can't have every pressing of every record from every country where Beatles records were released. It's simply too overwhelming. So you have to specialize.

My area of specialization has always been videos. I have a great number of old VHS tapes, DVD's and Blu-rays.
So videos with the Fabs are of special interest to me.

To highlight this area of interest, I have started another blog. It's called Beatles Video of the Day, and it aims to present at least one video every day of the year. I will of course try to include the rarer videos whenever I find them. So check out my new blog at I've kickstarted it with a number of videos. The videos will mainly be from YouTube, but other embeddable videos may also be included, as they show up. The Beatles' company Apple, TV companies, movie companies and the record companies around the world responsible for releasing Beatles and solo music and films are all monitoring YouTube closely, so videos will come and they will go.

Of course, there may be some cross posting with WogBlog, because some videos are newsworthy.
Happy watching!

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