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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Abbey Road opens up again

Your's truly at Abbey Road studio no 2 in 2012
Like last year and the year before, Abbey Road Studios will open their doors for the general public. This time it's in April and May, and as a special guest they are featuring former Abbey Road Studios Engineer Ken Scott. Tickets are £88.40 including booking fee, available from SeeTickets.

Link to article
Link to tickets


bri286 said...

It would be great to be back inside Studio Two again, but not at that price... You could watch a major band for less - I wonder how they can justify it - are we paying for a refurb of the studio?

Foxx said...

I was there last year. The pricing may be a bit steep, but I enjoyed it very much. Especially since they did not rush you in and out. Plenty of time to look around and take some pictures. And the lecture was great. And nothing beats hearing Twist and Shout in Studio 2!