Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Night That Changed America

Yesterday, the Beatles tribute concert "The Night That Changed America" happened in Los Angeles. Ringo and Paul appeared together in the finale.

Paul and band played "Sgt Pepper's ..." with Ringo joining on "With A Little Help From My Friends"

Other participating artists: Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Steve Lukather, Dave Grohl, Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison (who sang “Something” with Jeff Lynne), the Imagine Dragons, Stevie Wonder, Katy Perry, the Eurythmics, Pharell Williams and the Cirque Du Soleil troupe “LOVE” from the Beatles show in Las Vegas.
Other celebrities on stage: Jeff Bridges, Eric Idle (as the Rutles reporter), LL Cool J, Kate Beckinsale and Johnny Depp.
The 2 hour concert will be screened on CBS in the USA on February 9th, in the "Ed Sullivan Show" time slot.

The Daily Mail has lots of photos from the event.

Set List:
All My Loving - Maroon 5
Ticket to Ride - Maroon 5
Don't Let Me Down - John Mayer & Keith Urban
In My Life - Ed Sheeran
Let It Be - Alicia Keyes & John Legend
Revolution - Imagine Dragons
Yesterday - Katy Perry
Fool on the Hill - Eurythmics
Here Comes the Sun - Pharrell Williams & Brad Paisley & Cirque du Soliel acrobats
Hey Bulldog - David Grohl and Jeff Lynne
Something - Jeff Lynne, Joe Walsh & Dhani Harrison
While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Gary Clark, Jr.; Joe Walsh & David Grohl
We Can Work It Out - Stevie Wonder (two takes)

Jeff Bridges introduces Ringo
Yellow Submarine

Sean Penn introduces Paul McCartney (with his current band)
Magical Mystery Tour
Get Back
I Saw Her Standing There
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - straight into
With a Little Help From My Friends - joined by Ringo
Hey Jude - Ringo on drums


Harry Mutton said...

That's got to be the most disappointing crash and burn waste of time I've ever seen. All that hype and all they do together is a Little Help from my friends and Hey Jude. Color me bored. Excuse me I need to yawn

Harry Mutton said...

God what a bore, all that hype all those people playing Beatles songs and all they do together is With a Little Help (AGAIN) and Ringo drums on the Hey Jude finale, God what a crappy letdown

Mark said...

What a letdown. Instead of watching this, I'll watch the Ed Sullivan Show DVD's.

Roger Stormo said...

Well, all I can say is you must have had great expectations! I for one didn't expect Paul and Ringo to play that many songs. I just wish they hadn't reprised the 2009 stunt of doing Pepper into With A Little Help. They could have surprised us with Octopus's Garden instead, Anyway, it appears Macca wasn't going to play at this concert at all initially, but two Americans in his entourage talked him into it. Maybe two of the guys in the band?

Unknown said...

It was fine, it was oversold with the hype, in 2009 they did the same Help From my friends. You and I both know, people want the 3rd reunion song,60's archival tracks like Carnival of Light, the long Helter Skelter, Granny Smith, the McCartney demos of Woman66, the early Acetates, xmas lp, A double Let it be, LIb and Hard Days night on dvd, a double lp with LIB outtakes, they keep cramming stuff most people don't want as much. Great they did 2 songs, now where is the good stuff, people are waiting on for 20-40 years, The1 Video DVD sounds cool,but its missing so many songs, people would rather have all the videos, everything they do, is offer something other, than what people really want.3rd reunion song, COL, alt takes, HDN DVD,LIB DVD with extras thats what we want, I'd love 30 LIB outtakes, Anthology 4, xmas Lp, I dont need 7 more takes of Anna or Misery, I have the best versions on the LP, A boot is a song you havent heard before, not an inferior version, unless its really special like the long Helter Skelter or Granny Smith