Monday, 17 March 2014

Fully signed "Let It Be"

Fake or does it count? You be the judge.
A unique signed LP is coming up for auction soon - signed by all four. But is it fake or does it count? Here's the story: John Lennon autographed a Let It Be LP cover for a fan in May 1975 at the WFIL “Helping Hands Marathon.”
In the early 1990s, George Harrison signed a separate album; this album was then signed by Ringo Starr on June 4, 2006, in Toronto.
Soon thereafter, the John-signed and the Harrison & Starr-signed covers were perfectly “melded” together by a top-notch paper restorer.
The resulting cover with three signatures was then made complete when McCartney signed it on July 15, 2010.
The autographs have been authenticated by expert on Beatles signatures, Frank Caiazzo:

"This Let It Be LP is the only one known to exist bearing the signatures of all four members of The Beatles, and as such, it is exceedingly rare and desirable. Add to that the fact that this is one of very few LP covers which have been autographed on the front by the entire band to surface, making this indeed a very special signed Beatles album cover."

I must confess that this album is almost good but not quite, in my mind. The album Lennon signed didn't pass through the hands of the other three.

Link to the auction


Robert Anderson said...
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Robert Anderson said...

It is hard to call it a fake, because they are being honest about it, but in no way is it legitimate. It is more of an oddity, no more legitimately signed by all four than if it had been taped together by a toddler.

San Kathleen said...

With a Certificate of Authenticity its "Not a Fake". I have a signed four signature Beatles "Let it Be" album, and mine is "Up for Sale" and has a "Certificate of Authenticity" so if you all are interested call me at 907-414-7413. The fact of the matter is when a reputable company provides a COA they put their reputation on that line, American Pickers is conferring with me regarding the album currently so if I sell it to them no doubt it may be willing to sell it if the price is right. Take care you all. Thank you Norma Jean

Roger Stormo said...

I have no arguement about the authenticity of the signatures. It's the welding together of two different album covers that strikes me as a bit of "fakery".

John Medd said...

I'll give you a fiver for it.

Steve Cohen said...
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Steve Cohen said...
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Steve Cohen said...

"Fakery" is a grossly misapplied term here, as it infers deception and fraud. I see two Let it Be albums which were handled by all four Beatles. I see an album which passed Frank Caiazzo's muster. These autographs weren't removed from another object or item. They were signed onto a Let it Be album intentionally by each Beatle over a 35 year period. There are no known, Caiazzo approved alternatives for anyone wanting a Beatles autographed Let it Be with even three, let alone four signatures. In my opinion, anyone referring disparagingly to this Beatles collectible appears somewhat ignorant. I'll be bidding. Cheers! Great blog post, Roger!

georgefromhenley said...

hi - i know the scans for years and I know the guy who owned it.
There is no doubt this one is genuine.
But in my eyes it is not a fully signed album but 2 signed albums.
At least it was stated in the auction contrairy to other composites I have seen over the years.

San Kathleen said...

Dear John Medd
You must be jealous your not the "OWNER", and its apparent you HAVE "NO RESPECT" FOR THE "BEST" OF THE "BEST" MUSIC EVER MADE IN HISTORY.
I APPRECIATE THE OFFER OF A FIVER, BECAUSE I RESPECT "THE AMERICAN DOLLAR", however KISS my rearend and ge your rearend off your high horse. Your insulting "yourself", and p.s., I do not want to be on her to talk BS, I am on here out of "respect" not only for the Best group of Musicians in the World, but out of appreciation for what I am holding, its a rare one, and damn you for trying to insult any part of it, get real. Norma Jean

db said...

It's sort of real, in the same way Free As A Bird was sort of real.

4 solo signatures, signed years apart, glued together to make it look like one. I guess in the absence of anything better, this (like FAAB) is the best you'll get.

Popper said...

About ten years ago I saw one with all four signatures at a record fair. The seller was inviting offers, but I reckoned it couldn't possibly be real, and offered his £10 which he laughed at - there's surely no way the four would be together signing autographs after LIB came out. I then saw it listed on Ebay as a might-or-might-not-be genuine example, and it fetched about £120 as I recall. I doubt it's for real, but if it was it might well be the only one in existence.

senormedia said...

Norma Jean, I rather doubt that you have to lecture any readers of this blog as to the musical value of the Beatles.

What you are selling, however, is a mule.

I wouldn't mind owning it, but it will always be known as something just slightly less than genuine.