Saturday, 12 April 2014

"Save Us" new single from "New"

The Queenie Eye single
It looks like Paul McCartney's album "New" gets a new single release in the form of the song "Save Us".  This will be the third single from the album, following the title track and "Queenie Eye".

The "New" single
Paul is having a competition where you can participate in the video for "Save Us". Of course, these days singles are no longer available to the general public in a physical format, they are merely sent out as promotional discs to radio stations. But you can always pick them up at ebay.

The physical "Save Us" disc was distributed to radio stations in February 

Paul McCartney and his band performing "Save Us" at BBC Radio 6 Music Live

The digital release of the track was on 31 March 2014, although it had already been available since the album release.

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zapno said...

How does anyone even find Paul's singles any more?! I've been looking high and low. I didn't realize he had even released any. Where are they???