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Thursday, 24 July 2014

George Harrison - The Apple Years

George Harrison The Apple Years 1968-75
Looks like a new box of George Harrison CDs is on it's way. "George Harrison - The Apple Years" will contain 7 albums, and we reckon these will be:
  1. Wonderwall Music
  2. Electronic Sound
  3. All Things Must Pass
  4. The Concert For Bangladesh
  5. Living in the Material World
  6. Dark Horse
  7. Extra Texture (Read All About It)
It was Dhani Harrison who leaked these news on the facebook page of his band, TheNewNo2. And this means that we'll finally get remastered editions of  Dark Horse and Extra Texture (not to mention Wonderwall Music and Electronic Sound). So far, we can't tell if the albums will also be available individually, but if the first box, "Dark Horse Years" is anything to go by, they will. The only exclusive disc to the former box was a DVD compilation, and that exclusivity went out the window when the DVD was eventually made available on it's own later on. According to a page on AllMusic the format is described as both CD and DVD, so we are hoping for some more from the concert tours of 1974 and 1991. No release date has been announced yet.

A photo that followed the news, that's probably Dhani's feet on the mixing console.


Brian Fried said...

What about instead:

1. All Things Must Pass
2. Concert For Bangladesh
3. Living In The Material World
4. Dark Horse
5. Extra Texture (Read All About It)
6. The Best Of George Harrison

and the disc of outtakes that came with the HBO DVD, along with a DVD that has promo films and concert footage from those years specifically?

Anonymous said...

Great news, Roger.

Do you know if these albums will be part of a remastered series, released in a format similar to the John Lennon and Paul McCartney Archives series? George deserves to have his whole catalog re-released with his signature on the left side of each CD digipak too, don't you think?

wogew said...

I don't care much about the packaging or whether or not a signature will be on the covers, besides All Things, Bangladesh and Material World already had their remasters. I'm mainly looking forward to Dark Horse and Extra Texture, as well as hoping for a good DVD.

Paul McCartney Hofner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul McCartney Hofner said...

If you look above ''LOVE", you'll notice a box. This may be a test pressing box of the new "Apple Years" box set. Dhani did say to look closely on Facebook. Also next to it is the already existing "Dark Horse Years" box.

wogew said...

Thanks! I changed the illustration to reflect this.

vitorbastos123 said...

Hopilly we will see something from the 1974 Dark Horse tour, Im actually quite sure that we are going to see some footage from the concerts, and maybe some more from Live in Japan, and Ding Dong and True Love video clips remastered

J. D. said...

I would imagine that the box might have 7 CDs, rather than 7 albums. This would delete "Concert For Bangladesh" from the list, perhaps, since that isn't really a Harrison album.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Wondering if Dhani's time at that desk is now in excess of his dad's especially as there was a lot of overlap :P
I've no doubt that Mr. D Harrison will receive a grammy as a producer in due course.

Mark McKendrick said...

Not sure why you'd want the 'Best Of', Brian - it makes it sound cheap. Maybe 'A's & B's'. I agree with Roger re: the signatures thing, plus, I thought those on the Lennon and McCartney remasters actually cheapened the look of them. It would be nice if the box sat well with the Dark Horse Box - and there's no reason it shouldn't given the same people will be producing it. I believe that is the box in the picture, on the left of the Dark Horse box.

Brian Fried said...

Mark: there isn't much overlap with the hits album, given that side A is all Beatles and side B has the single (studio) version of "Bangladesh."

That's why I think it may be on this set. That, and it completes the Apple years for the mainstream material — the Zapple material, while nice, isn't as demanding for repeat listening to most people.

vitorbastos123 said...

It will be the sevem albuns like Roger said... Dhani already sad that will be the 7 albums

Jeffrey said...

The Best of George Harrison isn't an Apple release so I highly doubt it would be a part of this release.

db said...

A handwriting artist called Ruth Rowland did Lennon's signature and writing on that Signature LP

wogew said...

Another option:
1. Wonderwall Music
2. All Things Must Pass
3. All Things Must Pass Disc 2
4. Living In The Material World
5. Dark Horse
6. Extra Texture (Read All About It)
7. Singles and rarities

Paul McCartney Hofner said...

Paul McCartney announced his next archive releases for September 22 (UK)/September 23 (US). The "Apple Years" box set was rumored for September 22. Now, the box may actually be release winter 2014 or early 2015.

Unknown said...

My question is - Will there be a vinyl box set or vinyl LPs available individually?