Monday, 28 July 2014

Paul McCartney Archive Collection news

Wings At The Speed of Sound and Venus & Mars due out in September.
Scott Relf, one of our blog readers, wrote to us and pointed out that Amazon in Canada has a September 24, 2014 release date for VENUS & MARS and SPEED OF SOUND in the McCartney Archive series.
Labeled as imports, the two albums do not yet have pictures. Anyway, here are the listings:
Venus & Mars (regular)
Venus & Mars (deluxe)
Wings At The Speed of Sound (regular)
Wings At The Speed of Sound (deluxe)

As always, thanks to Amazon for this early warning.

Our US Amazon Astore has these same sets:

Venus & Mars
Wings At The Speed of Sound

And Japan:

Venus & Mars
Wings At The Speed Of Sound

UPDATE: Now the sets have been officially confirmed, details and YouTube ads here.


stpetric said...


I love your music, Paul, but these are second-tier discs that you're asking ultra-premium prices for!

wardo said...

Well, this is encoring. I'm still wondering what the heck they'll use to fill up a second Speed Of Sound disc.

wardo said...

That, of course, should read "encouraging". Sorry about that.

Colin Fletcher said...

Now on Amazon UK

Gabo said...

I was frustrated too by the price, till i found that that was the price of the IMPORTED version of the deluxe CDs and i foun the BOOK version in only 79.89 dollars each. Its strande that the 2 disc version is offered in 71.89 dollars. I think there's a mistake in the prices here, or i missed something. Someone can researh a little more?