Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Venus & Speed - vinyl albums

Venus and Mars - double album
Pictures have been released of the vinyl editions of the upcoming vinyl editions of "Venus & Mars" and "At The Speed of Sound". Apart from being a double album this time around, "Venus & Mars looks like its old self, gatefold sleeve, two posters and a couple of stickers were also included with the original 1975 single album release.
Wings At The Speed of Sound - double album
"At the Speed of Sound" has kept it's original "no frills" look, apart from that, necessarily, it now sports a gatefold sleeve.

The albums are currently priced at £20.99 each, over at the Universal Music Store, and $34.98 in the USA Amazon listings.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful repackagings as ever from executive art-director McCartney. Has there ever BEEN a better packaging conceptualist?