Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Abbey Road - September 1969

Abbey Road, September 25, 1969. Photo: Dr. Ronald Kunze  

Thanks to Thorsten Knublauch who alerted us to this photo. Taken by Dr. Ronald Kunze in September 1969, it shows the crossing, Abbey Road studios and that VW Beetle, now parked on the other side of the road than when the Beatles had photos taken for the album the previous month. It was taken the day before the album release. The photo appeared on the German Wikipedia entry for Abbey Road.

Abbey Road studios entrance, September 25, 1969. Photo: Dr. Ronald Kunze  
A second photo shows the entrance to the studios, at the time the studios were still named "EMI Recording Studios". They changed the name to "Abbey Road Studios" in the early seventies following the success of the Beatles' album. Ever since, they have never been content with the sign above the door...
The sign above the door has been subject to change many times after the studios were renamed.

Your's truly on the steps of Abbey Road Studios a few years back.
Of course, the page has also published a black and white photo, said to have been taken the morning of the day when the Beatles crossed the road.

Empty crossing, 1969.


Nicola said...

Thanks Roger, great article and great pics as always!!

Drew said...

Great pictures! What a trip back in time to that magical era.

Asp said...

Great, interesting pics. May I ask, when are the different entrance photos taken; do we know?

wogew said...

From the top:
1. Sixties,
2. the current one
3. Around 2005-2011
4. late seventies up to 2000
5. Around 2001-2004