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Thursday, 21 August 2014

George Harrison Apple Years update

Amazon Germany screen shots
Thanks to Dirk Bock, for alerting us to the fact that the new George Harrison remasters have shown up on Amazon's German affiliate, as imports. So now we have the album titles confirmed. As you can see they are:

- Wonderwall Music
- Electronic Sound
- All Things Must Pass (2 CD)
- Living In The Material World
- Dark Horse
- Extra Texture

Seven discs in all, just like Dhani Harrison implied.

Release date is given as 19 September 2014, but we heard 23 September for USA and 22. September for Europe (the Germans always release titles a little earlier than the rest of Europe).
From "insiders", here are some more details, including a list of the bonus tracks.
"George Harrison: The Apple Years 1968-75" will be the full title of the boxed set. All the albums are remastered again in 2014, ignoring the previous remasterings of "All Things Must Pass" and "Living In The Material World".

There is no separate CD of bonus audio. All bonus tracks will be on their respective albums. The boxed set will contain a bonus DVD and a beautiful book full of never-before-seen photos. The CD labels will be virtually identical to the original LP releases, even including a Zapple label for Electronic Sound. Copyright info on the discs is listed as G.H. Estate Limited under exclusive license to Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group).

- The Platinum Weird version of "This Guitar" will be the sole bonus track on "Extra Texture".
- The studio version of "Bangladesh" is a bonus track on "Material World", along with "Deep Blue" and "Miss O'Dell".
- For Wonderwall Music, the bonus tracks are "In The First Place", "Almost Shankara" and "The Inner Light" (Alternative Take Instrumental).

The cover of "All Things Must Pass" is black and white on this release. In addition to some never-before-published pictures, the booklets to the albums, as well as the book accompanying the boxed set, show really nice pictures of master tape boxes from Abbey Road Studios, Apple Studios, A&M Records and FPSHOT, plus there's a funny picture of George's original handwritten and colored label idea for "Ding Ding, Ding Dong", which is listed as being by "G. Plan & The Wigtappers."

The separately released CDs will be in the same digipak style as The Beatles remasters.

The remastering was not done at Abbey Road but at Lurssen Mastering.

A placeholder listing of the boxed set at Amazon (UK) says "Label: Apple Corps Ltd".


CrackinThunder said...

Glad to finally see Dark Horse remastered. It always sounded so thin and compressed. Hope the DVD has some of the '74 tour footage! Some of the time his voice was fine, it was said. Thanks to Dhani and Olivia for getting it done!

georgefromhenley said...

So I have to buy the 3rd CD of ATMP in addition to the official download of the latest Vinyl version? I hope this time they use the latest download version on the CD. Would be surprised if the bonus tracks on the coloured card box CD set are inluded here as well. So even the Material World is a new remaster? Strange! We get a very expensive Beatles winter...