Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Ringo & John's Icon albums

As we posted earlier, a couple of Ringo Starr and John Lennon compilations are hitting the CD market in the shape of two releases in Universal's "Icon" series.

John Lennon: Icon
(Just Like) Starting Over
Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)
Stand By Me
Watching The Wheels
Mind Games
Jealous Guy
Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
Give Peace A Chance

Ringo Starr: Icon
It Don't Come Easy
You're Sixteen (You're Beautiful and You're Mine)
Oh My My
Only You (And You Alone)
King of Broken Hearts
No No Song
Back Off Boogaloo
Walk With You
(It's All Down To) Goodnight Vienna
Yellow Submarine (live)

Nice to see two of his newer songs (King of Broken Hearts, Walk With You) mixed in with this mainly seventies collection. "Yellow Submarine" may have been taken from a previous release by the All Starr Band. Or perhaps not?
Badfinger's album "Timeless" was also an Icon release, and sported a full Apple label. Maybe these will, too?
Release date is 9 September.


georgefromhenley said...

Very short CDS but a nice mixture.

Dogma said...

will they offer something new? (mixing or enhanced) or this is a compilation like any other?

Vincent Truman said...

Very odd selection, IMHO. While Ringo's collection sort of *needs* newer songs (remembering that his original "Blast From The Past" was barely 30 minutes long, which seemed short even in those days), the Lennon set seems completely superflorous. "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)" over "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" or "Mother" or even "Cold Turkey" is just weird.