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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Apple Years DVD

Here's what's on the DVD: 

George Harrison - The Apple Years Feature (2014) [7:27]
Produced by Peacock
Directed By Olivia Harrison

All Things Must Pass (bonus feature in 2001 album package) [8:03]
Produced by Radical Media

The Concert for Bangladesh EPK (2005) [6:03]
Produced by Olivia Harrison and Jonathan Clyde
Edited by Claire Ferguson

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) (video from Live In Japan, 1991) [3:43]

Miss O'Dell (alternative version from 2006 deluxe edition of Living In The Material World) [2:31]

Sue Me Sue You Blues (acoustic demo version from 2006 deluxe edition of Living In The Material World) [3:04]

Living In The Material World (feature from 2006 deluxe edition of Living In The Material World) [3:34]
Produced by Abbey Road Interactive

Ding Dong, Ding Dong (original promo video, 1974) [3:46]
Directed by George Harrison
Filmed by Nick Knowland
Film Restoration: David Dean & Gwyn Evans

Dark Horse (original promotional clip, 1974) [0:30]
Created by Capitol Records

Video promo for the boxed set:


CrackinThunder said...

Disappointing to those of us who were hoping for tour footage from 1974... and other available archives from that time period that would have been new, novel and interesting. Most of us who bought the extra expense re-releases are getting recycled goods on this one save an item or two.

Anonymous said...

It's the McCartney way of releasing: "feed them little scraps" and what looks interesting on the outside, for instance with the very expensive 2010 Band On The Run boxset, sucks when you actually look at it. Like "One Hand Clapping" which I am sorry to say, is nothing more than unrestored old crap, I have seen better mastering on bootleg DVD's and with those you actually get the feeling that at least someone put some effort into it to make its contents look good. Which cannot be said of the official release.
By the looks of it I am afraid this Harrison release is going the same way "feed them little scraps". Very sad, Beatle-fans deserve better!

Unknown said...

Nice to see a restored Ding Dong on the DVD - but a shame that we are now officially without a cleaned up version of the Dark Horse promo/rehearsal... ... the True Love promo (sadly left off the first box set), and of course some 74 tour footage - even one complete song would have been a bit special...! Still - looking forward to the remasters of the last two albums in the set...

Geert said...
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Geert said...

OK, I was ready to settle for very little ... but this is a VERY poor selection for the DVD. It's basically a collection of DVD extras that were on previous releases - that have already been sold (and bought).
((and the Concert for Bangla Desh isn't even included in this box?!, so why refer to it ion the DVD)).

Mark said...

This is why I no longer pay for music!

Tammy said...

Epic fail, none of my money is going towards this to help pay the electricity bill at Friar Park :-/

Teran said...

This new Box comes to fans of fools. Its value is only in the remastered CDs Extra Texture and Dark Horse versions. The promotional clip from Dark Horse will have only 30 seconds? This is absurd and unacceptable

Unknown said...

I think by "Dark Horse Promotional Clip" they must mean a 30 second television commercial (John, Ringo, Paul, Nilsson - they all did TVC's for their albums around this time.) I don't think we'll be seeing ANY of the actual 'promotional' clip of George singing Dark Horse - unless it was utilsed in the 30 sec TVC...I'm thinking / hoping that Extra Texture and Dark Horse remasters will be available individually - that's where I'll be heading...