Monday, 15 September 2014

Make the new What Is Life video

Apple Scruffs/What is Life: The Norwegian single
To celebrate the release of The Apple Years 1968-75 box set, Olivia & Dhani Harrison are giving filmmakers the opportunity to make a music video for George Harrison's song 'What Is Life'.
Originally released in November 1970 the All Things Must Pass triple album, and later in February 1971 as the second single from that album, 'What is Life' was to become a top ten hit in many countries. It was also the B-side to ‘My Sweet Lord’ in the UK where it was the biggest selling single of 1971.
Written by George in 1969, he had originally intended it for Billy Preston, but the track was not actually to be recorded until the All Things Must Pass sessions in May 1970 when George was at Abbey Road studios with Phil Spector. Featuring musicians such as Eric Clapton, members of Badfinger, and the powerful brass section of Bobby Keys and Jim Price, 'What is Life' has become one of George’s most acclaimed songs.
With no official video created at the time, this is a rare and exciting chance to create an official video for a globally loved and timeless recording!

Awards & Judging
5 finalists will be chosen by Universal Music & and will win a copy of The Apple Years box set. The ultimate winner will be selected by Dhani & Olivia Harrison from the final 5 and will win the $5k prize and be shared on the Official George Harrison website, Youtube channel & Facebook page. You may enter the competition through the Genero website. Deadline: October 21st.

Fan made videos
The trend of inviting fans to create videos for songs is a popular one, and has been employed earlier by both Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Ringo's updated version of "Wings" had a music video made by Jem Gerard, who won $3,000 for the winning video in 2012. In 2007, Paul McCartney invited fans to send in their own videos for the track "Nod Your Head", and a compilation of videos were made into an official video for the song. Since then, McCartney has compiled several other fan made videos for his new songs.
Fan made videos is also a YouTube trend, typically they are mainly used to illustrate a song with photos or video footage or both of the artist. Here's a six year old fan made video for What is Life:

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