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Paul McCartney's Twitter Q&A: I am in fact an alien!

Yesterday, Paul McCartney took the time to answer questions on Twitter. Here are most of these:

elijah Kraling: What goes through your mind when you walk out on to the stage with a huge crowd?
Paul McCartney: Great excitement at their reaction

Jennifer: Do you have a favorite TV show?
Answer: I love 'Veep' and 'Family Feud' ("We asked a hundred people!")

Nick Tregoning: What's your favourite cheese?
Paul McCartney: I like a lot of them. How about cheddar, goats, feta and de Boursin.

andres: How did you come up with the song Blackbird?
Paul McCartney: I was in Scotland & was playing guitar thinking of a Bach piece that we used to play & also the civil rights situation.

Melissa: Did you come up with the idea for the new album cover?
Paul McCartney: No! It was my design team, Mike & Rebecca who suggested it and then my son-in-law Alastair suggested the neon.

Emily Vidovich: Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
Paul McCartney: I hardly ever see sunrises so it's sunsets for me!

Yonosoy Rodrigo: Who is your favourite classical composer?
Paul McCartney: Probably Bach.

Leticia: What was the inspiration for the song of Wings "Call Me Back Again"?
Paul McCartney: I was imagining being a kid and phoning a girlfriend who never answered.

Brandon Butler: If you could describe the "Wings Years" in one or two words, what word(s) would you use and why?
Paul McCartney: Difficult, but Brilliant!

Mary: Cats or dogs?
Paul McCartney: Dogs! (Although I love cats too).

Marcos f: There's another song from the 'NEW' album that you would like to put on the setlist?
Paul McCartney: We've been playing with 'Appreciate' but it's kind of hard to do.

Collin Searls: Will you be playing Hope (the Destiny theme) live in concert?
Paul McCartney: HOPEfully!

Alunvaughan: Have you got a favourite cover of one of your tracks?
Paul McCartney: There are so many that I love it's difficult to say but Esther Phillips version of 'And I love HIM' comes to mind.

Orbital Nick: What's your favourite bassline to play? One you really enjoy!
Paul McCartney: At the moment it's '...For the Benefit of Mr Kite'. It's challenging!

david k.: What did you learn or rediscover during the remastering of Venus And Mars?
Paul McCartney: It was a surprise to hear how good some of the tracks still sounded, particularly 'Call Me Back Again'.

Clara: Do you have any tattoos?
Paul McCartney: No I don't. Not even on my ass!

Ryan Adams: Are you a cyborg?
Paul McCartney: I am in fact an alien!

Beatlesmaniacs: Which is your favorite kind of sports?
Paul McCartney: Football (Soccer), but to watch on TV: American Football, Track, and Basketball.

Vickie Valenzuela: What was your best Halloween costume?
Paul McCartney: Alice Cooper!

User8472: Favourite Meryl Streep movie?
Paul McCartney: I love Meryl Streep. Devil Wears Prada is great, although everything she does is brilliant.

Four Headed Monster: Paul, can you tell us what is going on in these pictures please?

Paul McCartney: 1st John & I are in Paris when he was 21 & generally goofing around.
Paul McCartney: 2nd Pulling faces in hat shop!

Paul McCartney: 3rd Nipple pointing!
Michelle Gregory: Do you have a favourite flower Paul? Mine are lilies.
Paul McCartney: Probably roses!

Daniele Paula: What do you most like about doing live concerts in Brazil?
Paul McCartney: The crazy enthusiasm and youth of the audiences. They're brilliant!

Andrew Davis: Are you excited for the rerelease of Venus and Mars & Wings At The Speed Of Sound?
Paul McCartney: Yeah! I think that my team has put together brilliant packages that even I find amazingly interesting.

Manu: What is your favorite colour?
Paul McCartney: Blue comes to mind.

Patricia Francis: Do you like Halloween? What was your favorite candy as a kid?
Paul McCartney: I do like it, it allows me to go unrecognized in my disguise and Mars Bars were my favourite!

Heal the world.: Something new you learned lately?
Paul McCartney: Patience! (Not sure if it's true but it's an answer!)

Florencia: Paul, you sing in the shower?
Paul McCartney: Yes I do - 'Singing in the Rain' or 'It's Raining Men' or 'Waterfalls'!

Duda: How old were you when you wrote your first song?
Paul McCartney: I was 14 years old in Liverpool. It was called 'I Lost My Little Girl'.

Joanna Scatasti: Have you ever forgotten the words to a song while you were playing it?
Paul McCartney: Quite regularly. I think that the people in my audience know the songs better than I do. Excuse is I've written rather a lot.

Red Owl: How has being a vegetarian changed you?
Paul McCartney: It's made me healthier but certainly given me a compassionate perspective on the animals we share the planet with.

THANKS PAUL ILYSM: Would you like to visit the moon?
Paul McCartney: No I don't even like rollercoasters!

Kornball: Can you give me a nickname?
Paul McCartney: Kornball! You shall forever be known as this!

Laura: what's the first record you ever bought?
Paul McCartney: Gene Vincent singing Be Bop A Lula on the Capitol label which was sheer magic.

Diegomiralbés.jpg: Hey Paul, can you reply to this tweet saying something very stupid?
Paul McCartney: My toes are in my mouth!

Naked dude: Do you ever twerk?
Paul McCartney: The last time I twerked I was with Katy Perry. She was rather good at it!

Andrew St. Clair : What makes the studio space at Abbey Road so special?
Paul McCartney: There have been so many great hits made in that room that physically and spiritually it has a greatness built into it.

Rick Rubin's question is lost, but looks like it was about faith.
Paul McCartney: Yes I do. I don't know quite what, but I believe in a benevolent spirit that is behind everything that we do.

Rachel Foster: Favorite song you have written for someone else?
Paul McCartney: 'Step Inside Love' which I wrote for the British singer Cilla Black, but Diana Krall has one of mine coming out soon that I love.

Naked dude: Is there anyone who makes you starstruck?
Paul McCartney: Even though I've known him for a long time the nearest is probably Bob Dylan.

Phil McNamara: Favourite gig you've BEEN to (not played in)?
Paul McCartney: There are many, but Mr Carter & Kanye West comes to mind.

Domi Silva: What the World needs now is.. ?
Paul McCartney: ...Paul McCartney - vote for me! (He said modestly!) Though I'm not sure what state I'm in!

Dreamer: What makes you feel better when you're in bad mood?
Paul McCartney: Drugs, Alcohol & Sex (he says with a wink).

Shawndelle Dixon: Are you the walrus?
Paul McCartney: In fact because I happen to wear a walrus head in Magical Mystery Tour - I am the nearest any of us came! GooGoogAJoob!

Vanessa: Do you have any hobbies like collecting or knitting?
Paul McCartney: Not really, but I do have some nice guitar picks from over the years and some nice books too!

Beth Léon: Can you yodel?
Paul McCartney: Yes. I studied in Switzerland!

Maccadonia: What do you think of your young fans? I have 12 years and I love your music!
Paul McCartney: I love my young fans! I'm always surprised how many there are. I love the perspective of young people.

Victoria: What's your favorite horror movie?
Paul McCartney: «Alien» would be my favourite for the bit of chest-popping!

Laura Boxall: Can you speak any other languages?
Paul McCartney: Si, Oui, Ja!

Flora Hausammann: Is it okay for me to own 8 beatles tshirts?
Paul McCartney: It's very good, but not enough!

Yorkshire Mouth: Who was the last person you said 'Hello' to? And who was the last you said 'goodbye' to?
Paul McCartney: Just left my wife Nancy in the street (Goodbye), and Hello is you.

Ѧʟѧṡҡѧ: Will you marry me?
Paul McCartney: I'm afraid I'm spoken for. So the answer is a firm 'No!'

maria: Why are you so hot?
Paul McCartney: It just comes naturally to me!

THE FEMTROOPER: Is there anywhere in the world you haven't been but would like to go?
Paul McCartney: Yeah, China! It seems like everyone else has, but I haven't!

christine g: Who is one of your favorite film directors?
Paul McCartney: Scorsese, Fellini and Dave Grohl!

Joe Mantegna: You have written songs for others that were hits. Ever think about releasing your own versions?
Paul McCartney: I wrote 'Come and Get It' for Badfinger and 'World Without Love' for Peter & Gordon.

Idealist: Which activist group do you hold most near and dear to your heart?
Paul McCartney: Pussy Riot & Peta.

Raising Biz: Early Take - Beware My Love - Does One Exist? How about a Best of The Rest Album?
Paul McCartney: Yes indeed! And here’s the world premiere of it featuring John Bonham on drums!

mack Halley: What was it like playing with great John Bonham?
Paul McCartney: It was fantastic! He was always on my top 5 drummer list and a great friend and ballsy drummer!

Selena: How did you feel about this costume?

Paul McCartney: A trifle cattish!
Winston: What's your favorite type of pie?
Paul McCartney: Pecan, baby!

Sarah Stacey: How does it feel when you hear people singing your songs?
Paul McCartney: Really beautiful, humbling and exciting at the same time.

Cham: If you were ruler of your own country what would you call it?
Paul McCartney: Maccadonia!

Rachael Brown: What should I carve my pumpkin as?
Paul McCartney: Dave Grohl!

Mary Gerdt: What have you always wanted to do and didn't have the time?
Paul McCartney: Spend three days in bed!

McCartney also revealed that his favourite current songs are the Foo Fighters new track 'Something From Nothing' and Sia's 'Chandelier'.

McCartney's people got a few more questions answered after this session, and they will post them later.

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