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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

New Italian Beatles boxed set

A new boxed set of the official albums.
Looks like the Italians will be able to collect their official Beatles CDs and DVDs in a box. But they have to buy the contents one by one, and Abbey Road is the first one out 25 November, along with the box itself. After that, it's one release a week until the set is complete. Single CDs are priced at €9,90, double CDs and DVDs at €12,90. You can buy these from news agents in Italy, or order online. This is an official Apple product, in cooperation with Italian newspapers.
The collection is released in this order:
  1. Abbey Road
  2. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  3. Let It Be
  4. The Beatles (White album) 2CD
  5. Help!
  6. Yellow Submarine
  7. Rubber Soul
  8. Revolver
  9. Please Please Me
  10. A Hard Day's Night
  11. Past Masters 2CD
  12. Magical Mystery Tour
  13. Beatles For Sale
  14. With The Beatles
  15. Live at the BBC Vol 1 2CD
  16. On Air: Live at the BBC Vol 2 2CD
  17. Love 2CD
  18. Anthology 1 DVD
  19. Anthology 2 DVD
  20. Anthology 3 DVD
  21. Anthology 4 DVD
  22. Anthology 5 DVD
They seem to have missed the mark slightly, though. "Let It Be...Naked" is not included, so you have to have something outside the box.
Similar boxed sets of the Who and Bob Marley have been released in the same fashion in Italy previously.
Source: Gazzetta Store
A presentation: Gazzetta Store promo


Mike N said...

Roger, How could one obtain the Italian "Beatles box"?

Dogma said...

Uhh!! the anthologys look nice!! is it the first time the're reissued?

wogew said...

I don't know if the offer is valid outside of Italy. Yes, this looks like a new issue of the Anthology DVDs, packed like CDs.

Caveman said...

I have seen some offered on ebay. I think you'll find them if you search for Italian Beatles Box. The ones on ebay only feature the empty box and abbey road. I'd like to get a hold of the La Repubblica box that came out in Italy previously. Does anyone know where I might get one? I think it would be a much more convenient format for the collection than the long box. I do like the way the new harrison box works. Very easy to access the discs.

Jaedee said...

Do you think Apple is trying to eventually phase ...naked out of tge catalog? I know its still in print on cd but it hasn't recieved an update on the packaging like the remasters. It also isn't included in the new wave of vinyl reissues coming in december. Neither are the antholgy cds. Makes me wonder if they are clearing the decks to make room for perhaps the long awaited let it be dvd with bonus audio content that would make naked unneccesary, and perhaps the same for anthology maybe they plan on rereleasing them with an audio and content upgrade? This is all speculation on my part obviously ;)

Beatlesblogger said...

Thanks for this Roger. Its not the first time that the Italians have been offered something like this. La Republic newspaper offered a box set where you purchased the CDs from news agents on a weekly basis to back in 2012. See:

Very similar to this current promotion, though not as many CDs and DVDs in the set.

bx6095 said...

Repubblica does have a web store, you can even back order their McCartney box too, but they only ship to Italy!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting and desirable set.
This is the complete catalogue and the official documentary in a box.

The exclusion of remixes (LIBN and YSS) and outtakes (Anthology albums) makes perfect sense.

But wait, couldn't they have put it all in a big cornflakes box with the Anthology book?

And what about the idea of a Beatles shed complete with a full memorabilia collection AND an ashtray?

Just sayin'

Zongadude said...

The same operation is now happening in France. One CD at 9,99€ per week, starting with Sgt pepper.