Monday, 10 November 2014

The Beatles in Copenhagen

Knud Ørsted: Beatles i København 4.6.64
Beatles i København - 4.6.64
By Knud Ørsted
Pages: 104
Hard cover
Graphic design: Michael Jensen
Released: 07.11.14
ISBN: 9788792894793

A new book was published this weekend, in Danish

It is 104 pages, packed with hitherto unpublished photos from the day the Beatles came to play two concerts in Copenhagen on the 4th of June, 1964. As you'll know, this was a Ringo-less version of the Beatles, Jimmy Nicol subbing for the hospitalised drummer. Knud Ørsted, who was 23 at the time, managed to get to document the day through being there and taking photos all from the build-up, the Beatles' arrival, teenage expectations, both concerts and the next day departure of the band.

The text is in Danish, Ørsted talks about how he managed to monitor the Beatles so closely. The book also includes clips from the Danish newpapers from the event.
The book can be ordered from the publishing house, Strandberg Publishing.


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mironi ltd said...

I remember the 5 June1964 like it was yesterday. I knew that the Beatles was leaving that day after the concert at KB Hallen the day before. When I arrived at the SAS Royal Hotel oppsite the famous Tivoli Garden the front of the hotel was mobbed by screaming fans, and I decide to go around the hotel into the car park in the basement of the hotel. I noticed a limousine waiting in the garage, and suddenly a door opened and out came George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney.i Rngo Star was not on the tour due to illness. I got a great picture which I still have and was delighted to get the autographs of George, John and Paul. I am Danish and are since 1981 living in London UK