Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wings singles released elsewhere

"Let'Em In" and "Letting Go" singles - based on the German picture sleeves, but stripped for logos.
Looks like the "Best Buy" offer wasn't as exclusive as we thought, the latest newsletter from Universal Music of Norway also lists these singles as available over the counter in my country. Another vinyl release which will be available here, is the Record Store Day "Black Friday" release of the "Long Tall Sally" EP. The company also says that music download cards will accompany the newly re-released "Love", "1", "1962-1966" and "1967-1970" albums.
Meanwhile, a Canadian reader who made the trip across the border to get the Best Buy "Venus and Mars" and "Speed of Sound" Archive releases with the coupon to purchase the new Wings singles, has written to me and informed that to his dismay, the offer was only valid for customers with an address in the United States. Also, people in the U.S. has written in and complained that the website to order the singles from has been down.


bx6095 said...

In my understanding the "Black Friday" "Long Tall Sally" EP is US/UK only.

Roger Stormo said...

Well, it's certainly advertised to be available here in Norway come Friday as well. I've also come across other so called exclusives over here previously. In 2011 I bought the US Beatles RSD singles box at "Bengans" in Stockholm. But then again, that item is also readily available from the official Beatles Store, even now.

beeb said...

Where can I buy these two Wings vinyl singles on-line.

Thank you