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Monday, 1 December 2014

Spanish Beatles boxed set

Spanish boxed sets
Josep M. Navarro has written to us about a Spanish Beatles boxed set which, like the current Italian one we wrote about recently, was being sold in newsstands, and featured a specially designed box. This boxed set made it's debut in Spain October 13, 2013, when the newspaper El Pais started selling the collection of The Beatles CDs along with the Sunday's newspaper.
The final official CD was for sale on January 12, 2014. The following week the collection was expanded with the sale of three more CDs, "On Air: Live at BBC vol.2", "Love" and "Live at BBC vol.1", in a similarly designed box.
Cardboard sheet for Rubber Soul

The presentation was very nice with a cardboard sheet accompanying the CDs. The second CD came with the box for storage. The price of single CDs was 9.90 euros and 12.90 euros for the double CDs.
Albums in order of release:
  1. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  2. Abbey Road (plus box for storage)
  3. The Beatles (White album) 2CD
  4. Let It Be
  5. Help!
  6. Rubber Soul
  7. Revolver
  8. Magical Mystery Tour
  9. A Hard Day's Night
  10. Please Please Me
  11. With The Beatles
  12. Beatles For Sale
  13. Past Masters 2CD
  14. Yellow Submarine
  15. On Air: Live at the BBC Vol 2 2CD (plus box for storage)
  16. Love 2CD
  17. Live at the BBC Vol 1 2CD
Back of the boxed sets
Here's the link to the promotion in El Pais.


DiBoLandsTVAndNewsCenter said...

where is the east german and russian box?

BWSmythe said...

Where's the UK one...? We're usually left out.

Nice to see the more traditional "boxed set" rather than the irritating "boxset" they use nowadays. :)

Real Quaid said...

Why is Love 2CD? What's the bonus?

James19 said...

Probably the DVD Audio 5.1 stuff

Anonymous said...

It's only a matter of time before Apple release empty boxes.

That's for those collectors with less money than sense.

Then again, haven't record companies now turned their backs on anybod without a dark ebony shelf in which to shove their duplicate boxed sets.

The current Beatle demographic is old and rich.
It's time for some wet teenage MP3 t-shirts and luckily I know where they live :P

Enjoy your SHM-CD's boys.

Beatlemilio said...

Just for clarification: in this collection "Love" is not a double CD, but single CD (the same 26 songs, neither bonus tracks nor extra length).
But this Spanish edition has a unique feature in its design: it is a single CD in digipack. Instead, the official edition released in 2006 was presented in jewel case for CD, while digipack edition was for the double disc (CD + DVD audio)