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Friday, 13 March 2015

McCartney: Second night in Amsterdam added

Another addition to the tour announced.
Ticket sales in Amsterdam has gone so well, a second night has been added at the venue, on 8 June.

Updated European tour schedule:
Saturday May 23rd – The O2, London, Great Britain
Sunday May 24th – The O2, London, Great Britain
Wednesday May 27th – Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham, Great Britain
Thursday May 28th – Echo Arena, Liverpool, Great Britain
Friday 5th June - Nouveau Stade Velodrome, Marseille, France
Sunday 7th June – ZiggoDome, Amsterdam, Holland
Monday 8th June – ZiggoDome, Amsterdam, Holland
Thursday 11th June - Stade De France, Paris, France
Saturday 4th July – Roskilde Festival, Denmark
Tuesday 7th July – Telenor Arena, Oslo, Norway
Thursday 9th July – Tele2 Arena, Stockholm, Sweden

1 comment:

Alexander Wijmans said...

June 7th isn't completely sold out, but you can't buy any tickets for now. They promote June 8th, which is going slow. 2 months on sale today and still 1400 tribune seats available. Arena have just standing places and still available (don't know how much though). Total capacity of this venue is 17000.