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Star club boot claims to be raw tape

The Beatles at the Star Club, Hamburg 1962.
The notorious Japanese bootleg company Misterclaudel has released information about yet another revamp of the historic 1962 tapes featuring recordings of concerts by The Beatles and other groups at Hamburg's Star Club from late December that year. They claim that these particular recordings are from the raw, unprocessed tape - and that will be a first if it's true.
It's a 5 disc extravaganza featuring not only The Beatles, but also recordings by Kingsize Taylor and the Dominos, the Rebel Rousers and Tony Sheridan. This is the most comprehensive outing of these recordings to date, we believe.
Largely ignored by the public, fans of the Beatles are very fond of this historical document, and once one learns to live with the mediocre quality of the recordings, the concerts can be enjoyed for what they are, a glimpse of what the Beatles sounded like in Hamburg, taped just a few months before they became a household name.

Rare colour photo from inside the Star Club (not the Beatles on stage)

LIVE AT THE STAR CLUB RAW TAPES - Misterclaudel MCCD470-474 (5CD)

RELEASE Date :25th March


DECEMBER 21, 1962

1st SHOW "1973 TAPE" reel #1
01. Be-Bop-A-Lula
02. I Saw Her Standing There
03. Hallelujah I Love Her So
04. Red Hot

2nd SHOW "1973 TAPE" reel #2
05. Adrian Barber Voice Memo
06. Shelia
07. Kansas City - Hey Hey Hey Hey
08. Shimmy Like Kate
09. Reminiscing
10. Red Sails In The Sunset
11. Sweet Little Sixteen
12. Roll Over Beethoven
13. A Taste Of Honey

14. Money with TONY SHERIDAN
15. Sparking Brown Eyes
16. Lovesick Blues
17. First Taste Of Love
18. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
19. Do You Believe
20. Ooh Pooh Pah Doo
21. Twist And Shout
22. Cannonball with BETTINA DERLIEN


DECEMBER 25, 1962

"1973 TAPE" reel #3
01. Nothin' Shakin'
02. I Saw Her Standing There
03. To Know Her Is To Love Her
04. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
05. Till There Was You
06. Where Have You Been All My Life?
07. Lend Me Your Comb
08. Your Feet's Too Big
09. Talking About You
10. A Taste Of Honey
11. Matchbox
12. Little Queenie

DECEMBER 28, 1962

1st SHOW "1973 TAPE" reel #3

13. Twist And Shout
14. Mr.Moonlight
15. Besame Mucho
16. Talking About You
17. Falling Love Again
18. Long Tall Sally

2nd SHOW "1973 TAPE" reel #3

19. I Remember You
20. tuning
21. Roll Over Beethoven
22. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You

23. Hully Gully
24. I Take What I Want


DECEMBER 31, 1962

"1973 TAPE" reel #4

01. tuning
02. Road Runner
03. Hippy Hippy Shake
04. A Taste Of Honey
05. ‘ It’s five to twelve ‘
06. ’ Ein Zulage ‘
07. Ask Me Why
08. ‘ Goodnight ’

09. Horst Fascher Announcement
10. You Can't Sit Down
11. Roll Over Beethoven
12. Black & Blue
13. Do You Love Me
14. Let's Twist Again
15. Red River Rock
16. Mashed Potatoes
17. Forty Days
18. Ja-Da
19. The Sheik of Araby
20. Buckeye
21. La Bamba
22. Early in the Morning
23. The Twist
24. The Kid
25. The Paris Jam



01. I Saw Her Standing There

02. Red Hot

03. Kansas City
04. Shimmy Like Kate
05. Roll Over Beethoven
06. Fallin’ In Love Again

07. Red Hot - Shimmy Like Kate - Red Sails In The Sunset

08. Red Hot - Shimmy Like Kate - Red Sails In The Sunset

09. ‘ Lost Tapes ’
10. A Taste Of Honey
11. Hippy Hippy Shake - A Taste Of Honey - I Saw Her Standing There - Lovesick Blues

12. Till There Was You
13. Where Have You Been All My Life?

14. Red Hot #1
15. Red Hot #2
16. A Taste Of Honey

17. A Taste Of Honey
18. Till There Was You
19. Where Have You Been All Of My Life?
20. Lend Me Your Comb
21. Your Feet's Too Big
22. I'm Talking About You
23. To Know Her Is To Love Her
24. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
25. Matchbox
26. Little Queenie
27. Nothin' Shakin'
28. Roll Over Beethoven


RARE LIVE! ‘62 Complete Version
01. Introduction
02. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You
03. I Saw Her Standing There
04. Roll Over Beethoven
05. Hippy Hippy Shake
06. Sweet Little Sixteen
07. Lend Me Your Comb
08. Your Feet's Too Big
09. Twist And Shout
10. Mr. Moonlight
11. A Taste Of Honey
12. Besame Mucho
13. Reminiscing
14. Kansas City - Hey Hey Hey Hey
15. Where Have You Been All My Life?
16. Hully Gully REBEL ROUSERS
17. Till There Was You
18. Nothin' Shakin'
19. To Know Her Is To Love Her
20. Little Queenie
21. Falling In Love Again
22. Ask Me Why
23. Be-Bop-A-Lula
24. Hallelujah I Love Her So
25. Sheila
26. Red Sails In The Sunset
27. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
28. Matchbox
29. I'm Talking About You
30. Shimmy Like Kate
31. Long Tall Sally
32. I Remember You

Meanwhile, the tapes and tape recorders that went unsold on Heritage Auctions last December is due for another auction from Ted Owen & Co. Here are the descriptions:

The year was 1962, the place Hamburg, Germany. Ted “Kingsize” Taylor and the Dominoes were in town for a three-night stand at the Star-Club. Taylor had asked for a recording of the gig, and someone at the club obliged with a simple one-microphone setup plugged into a mono tape recorder (offered above). The machine ran continuously, capturing Taylor’s performances and those of two lesser-known acts also on the bill: Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers and an up-and-coming quartet from Liverpool that called itself the Beatles. The complete set of original un-edited mono Master recording tapes and the subsequesnt re-mixed and remastered tapes that became Beatles live at the star club lp Comprising- The Original unedited mono Master 7” safety reels. The Original First Generation Master(s) for the double album LP A set of two 10 ½” reels USA version 15 ips DBX sides (C&D), (A&B) The Original Studio Masters used for the matrix and subsequently the pressing of the Hamburg, Star-Club double album. The complete DBX work reels, both edited and unedited consisting of 1 x 10 ½” reel 15 ips 2 TR (mono) DBX edited, 1 x 10 ½” reel 15 ips Mono DBX master, 1 x 10 ½” reel 15 ips Mono DBX safety and 1 x ½ ” reel ¼ tr. Unedited mono work reels (1&4), (2&3) and All in plain white / black ink marked cartons. The Master tapes are being sold with a written hard backed history of the origin and ownership title of the tapes comprising the history of the original release and the intervention of Apple and the offers made to Yoko Ono. Described as the crossroads of the Beatles rise to fame. The tapes provides a crucial glimpse into the Beatles’ development. In a very short time, they would play to massive audiences, and would rely much less on the early rock and R&B covers that dominated their earlier set lists. Lennon and Harrison would later assert that their best days as a live band were in their Liverpool and Hamburg days, and these recordings document that time period, flaws and all. Note for further details please contact Ted Owen & Co 
Estimate: 100,000 GBP - 150,000 GBP 

Beatles - Portable Reel To Reel Tape Recorder Used At The Star-Club, Hamburg With a Tape Recording of The Beatles. This vintage Phillips portable tape recorder is of great importance to the history of the Beatles, for it is the machine on which the album Live! At The Star-Club, Hamburg, Germany; 1962 was originally recorded. The four-track recorder was purchased in Berlin in October 1962 by Ted "Kingsize" Taylor, the leader of the Liverpool group Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes. The Dominoes shared a Star-Club residency with the Beatles in December 1962, during the last of the Beatles' extended trips to Hamburg. Taylor had suspended a microphone from the ceiling of the club which ran to the Phillips recorder, and had taken to recording his group - and then others - at the venue. According to Taylor, he approached John Lennon one evening and asked if he had any objections to Taylor recording a Beatles performance. John's reply was that it was fine "so long as you get the ale in"- which Taylor did, and he also rolled the tape. Taylor, left the tape at his mother's home upon his return to Liverpool, and didn't address the recording again until 1965 when he presented an edited version to Brian Epstein to gauge his interest for possible release. Epstein purportedly replied that due to the substandard quality of the recording there would be no commercial interest, with a purchase offer to Taylor of 20 pounds for the tape Offered in this lot are two portable recorders owned by Kingsize Taylor: one, the Phillips recorder purchased in Germany and used to record the Beatles at the Star-Club, and two, a Grundig recorder subsequently purchased in Great Britain, and used by Taylor to create the edited tape presented to Brian Epstein. The Grundig recorder does include a microphone, however, it is not the mic that was used to record the Beatles at the Star-Club. A copy of the edited tape as presented to Epstein is also included. This tape is not the master used for the Lingasong release, and no copyright is conferred with its purchase. A two-record vinyl copy of the Lingasong release is included for listening enjoyment. 

Estimate: 25,000 GBP - 35,000 GBP 

The Star Club operated from 1962 through 1969 and the building it occupied was destroyed by a fire in 1987.  Through the sixties, the club was a popular rock'n'roll club in Hamburg, and was visited by many of the stars from the rock'n'roll era:  The Beatles, Chicken Shack (featuring Christine McVie (Perfect)), Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, Cream, Lee Curtis and the All-Stars, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, Earth (pre-Black Sabbath), The Graduates, The Jimi Hendrix Experience (US/UK, March 1967), The Jaybirds (featuring Alvin Lee of Ten Years After), Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas, The Liverbirds, The Overlanders, The Pretty Things, The Remo Four, The Searchers, Kingsize Taylor and The Dominoes; Richard Thompson, Soft Machine, and Tony Vincent and The Giants, Jane Cane, The Roadrunners, Katch 22, Ray Charles, Bo Diddley, Fats Domino, Everly Brothers, Bill Haley, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny and the Hurricanes, Brenda Lee, Jerry Lee Lewis (who released a highly praised live album recorded at the club in 1964) and Little Richard, who at that point had Billy Preston in his band. 
In an article recently, Rolling Stone magazine made the mistake of identifying the venue as a strip club, something it was definitely not, but it was situated in a street where those kinds of clubs could also be found.


Ted said...

The list of tracks shown for the 5 CD at the top is totally incorrect.
Also the fact that this Bootleg firm is claiming that there was 3 tapes involved, which is also untrue.
All of the tracks from the Beatles were originally on 1 tape, 4 tracks, and recorded at half speed, which gave you a capacity of 8 Hours recording.This can't be the original tape 100%. Plus some of the tracks credited to the Dominoes, we never actually performed. Some of the other Dominoes numbers were actually recorded on a separate 5" spool, but are very poor quality, due to the fact that the Recorder was only set up on a table in the Club with the small microphone supplied with the machine, and were only rehearsal recordings. Their whole claim is preposterous.
I also point out that I am the undisputed Author of these recordings, and still am to this Day. This claim is a total sham, and a Bootleg of the highest order. Kingsize Taylor.

The Greatest Online Business in the World ( probably ) said...

Great to have these things nice & clear from somebody who was actually there at the time, so people like myself dont get stitched up like kipper..........
once again thanks Ted Regards Nick

Roger Stormo said...

Well Ted, these may not be from your original, but the 1973 reference make it plausible that they are the tapes made by Chappel Studios. Allan Williams took your tape there to get it transferred to professional reels in 1973.

Ted said...

Hi Roger.October 31. 1973, both Allan and myself went to negotiate a deal with the Beatles, to which they agreed in principle, but they would not give their full consent until George had heard the recordings, and asked for a copy to send to him. The copy that we made at Chappel Studios was a copy of the tape that I gave to Eppy, and not the Original, which was 8 hours long. I still have the Original receipt from Apple which states this quite clearly.

Colin Fletcher said...

Ted, Allan Williams once said that the original tape was subsequently cut up. Can you shed any light on this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ted,

Not to pile it on, but you do hold the key to a number of questions many Beatle collectors have wondered for many years. Would you consider doing a Q&A about the tapes, either here or somewhere else on the net? It would be greatly appreciated!

I guess the two questions probably most folks would wonder about are:

1) As the previous commenter asked, was the original tape cut up?

2) Do you still have the original 8-hour tape, cut up or otherwise?

Thanks and glad to hear there's still someone out there who knows the truth!

Ted said...

My reply to Colin and Albert.
The Original tape had been just thrown into a cardboard junk box in "Studio One" Records, Hackin Hey Liverpool after Eppy gave his ridiculous offer of 20 Pounds, just for my trouble.When John Seddon, who was the owner, and good friend of mine closed his Company down, everything in his office was just thrown into the cellar below.These buildings were Old Warehouses, and very prone to being damp Dungeons,very like The Cavern Club, and in the same area.
I will add, that in 1966 I got out of the Music business completely, and went back to my old trade as a Butcher,the tape was then, totally incidental to me. Then in 1972, at a Mersey-Beat Revival Show, I happened to mention to Allan Williams about the Tape, then the story started off there AGAIN!
Allan, John Seddon and I went to the old office to see if we could gain access to the building, but it was all locked, and boarded up, but luckily enough The Members of "The Scaffold" had opened a Boutique call "Thru the Looking Glass" just across the Street, and I knew Roger very well, so off we go. Roger told us that there was a Watchman who used to make regular checks on these now derelict buildings, and he had his telephone number, and would give him a bell, This he did. One Hour later the guy turned up and unlocked the door for us.The place stank of rotting sewage, mildew and damp air. We went down in the cellar, were there was heaps of papers and boxes, just lying around covered with mould, the whole place was a health hazard, and I was just for getting out of there, and balls to the tape! Allan's greed got the better of him and carried on searching, then I spotted the box and asked Allan to pass it over, and there it was, the tape. Then we did the most stupid thing without even thinking about it, we took it home and played it on my machine to check it. The tape being damp,started to shed the magnetic side, and was clogging up the head on the machine, then we tried to fast forward it to various places, which caused the tape to snap and bundle up in the head. My solution was to leg the tape dry out totally before we did any more damage. So in the end the only possible solution was to get the once only chance of baking the tape, and lift off the sound before it fell totally apart.This was not done by us, but by a professional Sound Technician.
ANSWERS: The tape was never cut up. AND: No I haven't got it. It died of inevitable natural causes.

Anonymous said...

I've been offline for a couple of days, so I haven't checked this thread. Wow, Ted! What an amazing story! That explains a lot about why they were cut up the way they were once released. Too bad about the original tape, but at least it was salvageable to some degree!

One quick follow-up that I probably already know the answer to, considering this new information: As you've said, the Beatles, your band the Dominoes, and the Rebel Rousers were on *this* tape. Was this December 1962 time frame the only time you ever made recordings like this? Did you ever record other bands in Hamburg or Liverpool at that time? And if so, do any of those tapes still exist?

It's such an interesting time in musical history and I feel that most of the great bands on the Liverpool scene in the early 60s weren't done justice once they made a proper record, if they ever got to make a proper record at all.

Thanks again for your response!

Roger Stormo said...

Ted is currently in hospital, undergoing surgery. He will not be able to comment for a while.

Mary said...

Misterclaudel's press release in Japan says IT IS the 1973 raw tapes, adding "just check the track list and you will notice materials never out before". Also, it CLEARLY says it's the 1973 transfer and NEVER says it comes from 3 different tapes (like Ted said), it says 4 different reels of the SAME tape. Meaning, the guy who made this transfer (with Ted’s tapes) put it in different reels due of his length. Maybe Ted just wanted to STOP us, the collectors, buying it because it DOES contains unbootlegged stuff, plus, this will, of course, affect the auction in coming days. This boot will be out very soon so we can check for ourselves.

Ted said...

I really must say that I find it totally ironic that people are willing to accept a well chewed old bone again, and are willing to turn a blind eye to the real facts regarding my recordings. For 24 Years and more, the Beatles fought for their rights to suppress these recordings with a 20,000,000 Pound Fund, why, nobody knows to this Day. But then, themselves, seem quite happy to use various tracks for there own convenience. Obviously this they are still condoning, according to the claims of this Bootleg Company. This has been the Worlds biggest Bootleg ever, but the only person that they ever took Legal proceedings against was myself, which I find most odd!! Somewhere out there in the World, is a minimum amount of 130,000,000 Pounds of UN-PAID Royalties, so where is that?
All of these Court Cases, and Judgements were based on lies, and nothing else. And that being the case, The Law is an Ass.

Victor said...

Sounds amazing!

Brian Quigley said...

The jury is in. MC lied through his teeth. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Les Todd McDonald Sr. said...

Our former bass player said that Taylor offred him the tapes for $250.