Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Beatles: Filming Help!

In the swimmingpool
CBS Local: A new photo gallery of photos of the Beatles filming Help! was just published. We don't know if this has something to do with the upcoming "Eight Arms To Hold You" book, but they are nice, candid shots, quite a few of them from the scene where the fabs emerge in a swimmingpool after having escaped the thugs near the beach. It's 23 photos in all.
Take a look at the gallery

Another image appeared on an Austrian site recently, showing the Beatles' body doubles in the film:

Not quite the Beatles
The image illustrated the upcoming TV documentary of the Beatles filming "Help!" in Austria. "Help! - 50 Jahre Beatles in Obertauern" will be televised on Friday 13 March on Servus TV, and is likely to be available on their web TV player.

Another "Help!" photo gallery comprising 12 images can be found at msn.com, and those are published in conjunction with the book.

The upcoming "Eight Arms To Hold You" book.

Book website

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Nicki said...

I think worth pointing out that the book will only happen if people buy it in advance! Buy it!