Tuesday 14 April 2015

Paul McCartney: Secret RSD release

New white label 12" 'secret' release
Paul McCartney has had pressed up a limited number of white label vinyl 12” "Sweet Thrash Mix" of "Hope For The Future". In the grooves you will find two exclusive mixes of "Hope For The Future" not available on standard limited edition 12 inch record. The record is supposed to be a hidden gem for customers to find on Record Store Day. Participating stores have been told to quietly place the record in the Paul McCartney bin before opening their store that day. They are specifically advised not to place it among the other Record Store Day exclusives. When a customer brings it to the register to purchase, the clerk is asked to tell them about the rarity of this release and take their picture. The store is then requested to tag the store in a social media post with the hashtag #RSDMCCARTNEY. We don't know how many of these have been pressed up, rumours are there are only 100 copies.
Nice idea Paul, but wrong song selection. We would have been thrilled if it was "Carnival of Light".

Even though Record Store Day is in three days from now, the record is already starting to appear on ebay at inflated prices.

Happy treasure hunting!


  1. Its better to stop calling it Record Store Day because many of the records don't even reach the shops and are sold for ridiculous prices via eBay...

  2. Exactly. Record stores and/or their employees are putting the records up on eBay before the day even happens.

  3. And now I find out Paul wrote all the labels!!!!

  4. no, he didn't do all,only a few for the UK market, but seems that he didn't wrote any of the USA labels (check the awful hand writing!!)

  5. Currently bidding at $462.81 on eBay.

  6. For those of us who can't afford 1000 dollars...http://www.mp3facebook.com/mp3/Hope+For+The+Future+paul