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Saturday, 18 July 2015

An update on Lennonology


Fifteen years in the making, the first volume of the LENNONOLOGY series is near realization. Strange Days Indeed—A Scrapbook Of Madness is a day-by-day account of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's artistic and personal partnership from 1968-1980 that will transport the reader back in time to accompany John and Yoko as their future unfolds.

A painstakingly researched collection, Strange Days Indeed—A Scrapbook Of Madness has been written in the form of a daily journal, and weaves oral history together with narrative and contemporary graphic material to provide the most accurate and unbiased portrait of the Lennons' lives and art ever produced.

Such an important release is deserving of a deluxe treatment, and keeping that in mind, 500 hardbound copies will be produced, the first 250 of which will be signed and numbered. In addition to the hardback edition, production will be limited to 1500 softbound copies.

However, to make this book a reality will require the advance support of a minimum number of readers. We humbly request that if you are interested in supporting LENNONOLOGY and wish to guarantee the publication of this unprecedented reference, that you reserve your copy of Volume One at this time.

Interest in this book has been considerable, and we expect that the hardback edition will be fully subscribed prior to publication. A release date of October 9th has been established to align with what would have been John's 75th birthday.

Pre-orders will be accepted at beginning at 12:00 EST on Saturday, July 25th. Additional details regarding tiers of support and premiums will be forthcoming.


Geert said...

That makes it 4PM in the UK? 5PM in Scandinavia?

Mark said...

I'm not too sure about this book. I don't doubt that it has been impeccably researched, however, isn't simply reading descriptions of interviews, music and film clips in this day & age just a bit outdated when folks such as your good self/Kenwood, etc., are producing high quality blogs that actually link to the audio/visual material in question?

I'm also rather baffled as to why "such an important release" would and should be limited to a miniscule run of 2,000 copies, meaning that most people will never even hear of the book, let alone read it. Surely a work of such importance would be able to attract the interest of even a small publishing house? Seems more like vanity publishing for a tiny diehard section of the online Lennon fanbase, and probably most of those people won't even get a chance to read it.